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Patrizia’s sessions have been life-changing for me in so many ways.
I first saw her when I was in a deep depression. She identified weaknesses in my body with uncanny accuracy. Each session connected me more deeply with unresolved challenges in my life. She unclogged energy blockages that kept me locked in stress, anxiety,
and illness. 

I went from being physically and emotionally drained to feeling rested, ready, and more able to work through so many issues that had brought on the depression. Her wise counseling brought me to many realizations that helped move my depression to new levels. I felt alive, revived, and filled with appreciation for life after each visit. After each visit, my energy returns, and my sense of vitality — and calm — is maximized. 

My gratitude for Patrizia’s specialized work is immense. She’s helped to move me to a new place in mind-body-heart awareness. This is one powerful energy healer whose healing hands are a gift!

- Ange

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