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Per Session:


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

5 hrs

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) is a method of hypnosis that was created by the late Dolores Cannon. By regressing people through their current past or past lives and conversing with their Higher Self or Higher Consciousness (she called it the Subconscious or SC) clients are able to discover their life purpose and get all the answers that they need to understand current life challenges or chronic illnesses.


With this technique we are able to understand who we truly are and why we are here, in this life, on this Earth, and what our Purpose is now. 

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Per Session:


Energy Medicine Single Session

1 hr 30 min

Energy Medicine is a holistic approach to self-healing. Practitioners work to move the energy that you already have within your own body to help it become more balanced.

Balanced energy systems allow for healing and once healing begins to take place, vitality and joy can also be returned to the client. The form of Energy Medicine I use was developed by Donna Eden and is described in her book, Energy Medicine.

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Energy Medicine Ten Single Session Package

1 hr 30 min (each session)

Further exploring the power of energy healing with a packaged 10 session discount. 

On your first visit, the amount of $300 will be charged, this will cover the first and last visit. The remaining 8 visits will cost $150 each. This is the best value with a savings $100. 


*Minimum 1 session per month and package must be used within one year.

10 Sessions:


Before you come, please download, print, and fill out the Client Intake Form as well as the Holistic Health Assessment Form. These forms allow you to provide me with your contact and emergency information, your medical history, and a list of current medications and supplements you are taking. It also encourages you to state any health concerns and also consider what you hope to achieve from your sessions.

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