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I have spent many years exploring energy, consciousness and Quantum understandings. I am now a master-level Remote Viewer, a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, and have had many sessions of regression hypnotherapy along with participating in different shamanist soul retrieval types of exploration. 

I have loved reading all of Delores Cannon’s books and was curious to try out her QHHT style of hypnotherapy.  Of all the different methodologies out there, to access our infinite selves, past lives and our quantum souls, my QHHT session with Patrizia Paba was one of the most remarkable.

She took me through 2 different lifetimes, the first being an old indigenous culture where I had survived a crocodile attack, standing, while pole fishing in a body of water.  It very much explained the phobia I have had, as long as I can remember, when I’m in the ocean or a lake, I fear something might come up from underneath to hurt me. 

When I moved into the second past life, I went into descriptions of a place during the Genghis Khan period, which I knew absolutely nothing about.  It was a Mongolian life, and I went into very precise detail of the clothing and this unusual white Greek-style monastery-type building on the side of the cliff that I was staring at from standing at a higher up elevation.  I felt like I was some type of protector to this sacred place.  I described the Genghis Khan army, which I thought were Romans, as I had no known reference to describe them in any other way, in uniforms with distinctive helmets with spikes on the top like the spikes of the Islamic styled domes I could see in the architecture below me. 

It was truly the most detailed view I’ve ever had in a past life experience. So much so, that when I began searching for the history of such a place, that I was able to find the exact place in Bakhchysarai, Ukraine.  I knew nothing of this history, nothing of this time period, nothing of the ancient monastery that sat on the side of the hill, and yet I was able to describe all of it in great detail in my session. 

Both these lives shown to me gave me profound insights and answers to many pre-prepared questions that I thought deeply about before I had my session.  This session greatly helped me to finish writing my book, heal old ancestral wounding, and showed me my souls’ passions and goals for this life.  I thank Patrizia Paba, who did an outstanding job, for thoughtfully guiding me through this wonderful self-discovery and healing journey. 


Rebecca Nielsen

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